Secretariat of NBCRC

Based on the Proposal No. 89/02/4593 of 9 January 2011 made by the Ministry of Justice and with reference to Article 138 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and for the purpose of realization of the provisions of Approval No. 43855T/205847 of 10 January 2010, the Cabinet, in its session on 4 January 2012, approved the Constitution on the National Body on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (NBCRC) in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 3- Secretariat of NBCRC shall be established in the Ministry of Justice in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Note- Secretary of NBCRC, who shall also act as the Secretary of the Coordinating Council, shall be appointed by the head of NBCRC from among consultants or deputies of the head of NBCRC who are experts in the field of child rights.
Article 4- In order to enhance coordination among relevant executive bodies and seek their opinions on the implementation of the provisions of this Constitution, the Coordinating Council shall be made up of:
a) Head of NBCRC acting as the head of the Coordinating Council
b) Secretary of NBCRC acting as the secretary of the Coordinating Council
c) An attorney-at-law with at least 5 years of theoretical and practical experience related to child rights or human rights recommended by Central Bar Association or Center of Licensed Justice Ministry Consultants appointed by the head of NBCRC for a 3-year term
d) 3 representatives from NGOs working in the field of child rights or human rights elected for a 3-year term
e) A clergy familiar with child rights recommended by management council of Qom Islamic Seminary
f) Representatives from the following institutions proposed by a decree of a minister or the highest ranking official, as the case may be:
1. Ministry of Education
2. Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare
3. Ministry of Health and Medical Education
4. Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6. Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
7. Ministryof Interior
8. Ministryof Intelligence
9. Ministry of Sports and Youth
10. President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control
11. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
12. State Welfare Organization
13. Center for Women and Family Affairs
14. Disciplinary Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran
15. State Prisons and Security and Corrective Measures Organization
16. Municipality (proposed by Periodic Assembly of Mayors)
Note 1- the head of the Council shall notify approvals and submit annual and case reports of the Coordinating Council to the heads of the three branches of the government and the Office of the Supreme Leader and other relevantauthorities.
Note2- the Head of NBCRC may invite representatives from Judiciary and members of the parliamentary Judicial and Legal Affairs Committee, Health Committee and Social Affairs Committee to attend the Coordinating Council without voting right.

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